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Our Total Bond Clean Brisbane team understand every household is different and everyone’s lifestyle varies. Your cleaning needs may change according to how busy you are with work and the other demands of life, how soon you are moving house, or even if you are preparing to sell and need your property looking spic and span. We can help you keep your house in good order, whatever the situation is.

House CleaningWhen you use every room in the house on a regular basis, in a busy home with people coming and going often, or you have pets that are inside the house then you may very well benefit from a full house cleaning Brisbane service, getting every room thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis.

On the other hand, if your household doesn’t see too much action, experiences minimal foot traffic, isn’t home to any furry pets, or you just don’t use all the rooms in your home regularly then perhaps a partial house clean would suit you better.

We can offer you a range of Brisbane house cleaning services. Choose from full cleans (the rate varies so please ask us for a quote) or partial cleans ($40 per hour) in all the following categories:

  • Once-off house cleaning such as spring cleaning
  • Regular house cleaning
  • End of lease, exit or bond cleaning of a rented property when moving
  • Deep carpet cleaning services ideal for pet owners and allergy sufferers
  • Before or after parties and special functions cleaning so you can enjoy the festivities without a care

We begin charging you from when we arrive and start cleaning until the cleaning is complete. Simple and fair. Feel free to call us on 0450 033 507 if you would like to inquire further about our services, obtain a quote over the phone, or make a booking.

Bond Cleaning Service

Trust the experts at Exit Cleaning and Bond Cleaning to help you get your Bond Back

Specialising in bond cleaning Brisbane, we understand the requirements that landlords have for a fully detailed, thorough clean at the end of a lease. Using the Total Bond Clean services we provide can save you time at what is generally a very busy period.

Being able to focus on the other important details of packing, redirecting mail and the rest that goes with moving house, by taking out the pressure of having to clean up after you move can make the big day easier for everyone involved. Get on with unpacking and setting up your next home, leaving the cleaning with a team that can bring the home into good order quickly, and get your bond returned.

Partial House Cleaning Service

Total Bond Clean can do a partial clean of your premises.

Our hourly rate for this service is $40. You can choose from the items listed below as an area that you want us to focus on while we are cleaning your home, and we will clean it for the time you have paid. You may just want the floors to be clean and tidy, or perhaps have the bathrooms attended to. Maybe its time for a Spring Clean and the oven in the kitchen needs extra attention. Whatever your cleaning needs are, we can be of service to you.

Full House Cleaning Service

Freshen up your whole house with a full house clean.

Get your home in order with our Brisbane house cleaning team and save yourself the hassle and exertion. There are so many more productive things to do with your spare time so why get bogged down in scrubbing and vacuuming your weekend away By relying on our house and bond cleaning Brisbane team you will enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing experienced experts are carrying out the job thoroughly on your behalf.

Once you’ve told us what areas you would like us to spruce up, we will clean your flooring and every appropriate nook and cranny, shelf and cupboard with industry-grade cleaning equipment and products. If you have valuable items throughout your house such as high-end rugs, expensive curtains, or blinds, or anything else which is precious to you, our experienced house cleaners Brisbane have cleaned all sorts of homes and we are well-versed in taking great care of people’s prized possessions. If you do have any particular concerns by all means talk to us in advance and we can let you know what products and equipment will be used in your house. Your peace of mind is important to us.

Our full house clean includes the following areas:

  • Venetian blinds dusted
  • Garage swept and cobwebs removed
  • Power points and switches cleaned
  • Stair balustrading cleaned
  • Wardrobe shelves, drawers and mirrors cleaned
  • Light fittings cleaned
  • Window cleaning, internally, externally
  • Window tracks and screens
  • Cobwebs removed internally
  • Ceiling fans dusted
  • Walls and doors spot cleaned or washed
  • Hard floors mopped
  • Skirting boards dusted or wet wiped
  • Cornices dusted

If you have other parts of your house that need extra attention, just let us know and we can attend to them during the cleaning service.

Kitchen Cleaning

Keep your kitchen in good order with our cleaning service.

Whatever state your kitchen is in, our house cleaning Brisbane team will make it sparkle once again.  If it has been heavily used and the oven needs some extra attention, we can refresh it with a thorough deep clean, or give the kitchen overall a light clean of the surfaces and the floors. We use approved cleaning products and equipment so you can rest assured you are getting great value for money.

  • Oven, stove and range hood fully de-greased and cleaned
  • Bench top wiped
  • Cupboards cleaned inside and out
  • Sink and taps cleaned
  • Splash back cleaned
  • Dishwasher cleaned inside out outside
  • Floor mopped

Keeping your kitchen in order need not be a chore when you use professional cleaning services on a regular basis.

Bathroom Cleaning

Freshen the bathroom and toilet

Your bathroom also deserves plenty of attention when carrying out a full, or partial house cleaning job. Bathrooms are used daily and as this sort of room is all about ensuring your own personal hygiene, then it is only right its hygiene is also kept in check by conducting regular cleans.

  • Shower cleaned including screen  and tiles
  • Exhaust fans cleaned
  • Toilet bleached inside and out
  • Mirror cleaned
  • Bath cleaned and rinsed
  • Vanity cleaned
  • Basin and taps cleaned
  • Floors mopped

Our Brisbane house cleaners will sterilise and clean-up your bathroom in a jiffy without cutting any corners so you can breathe easy.

Carpet Cleaning

Keep your carpets clean and fresh

Our carpet cleaning service is second to none, we can deep clean and vacuum your carpets during a regular cleaning visit, or when you need us to carry-out bond cleaning Brisbane work. A deep carpet clean is always expected by landlords and real estate agencies upon moving out, so avoid any bond return issues by calling in our specialist end of lease cleaning team.

Laundry Cleaning

Make doing the laundry easier with a clean room.

Keep your laundry in good-nick by calling in our house cleaners. We will wipe down and sanitise your sinks and every surface including the interior of cupboards. Get that fresh linen smell back with Total Bond Clean Brisbane.

  • Basin and taps cleaned
  • Cupboards cleaned inside and out
  • Floor mopped

Although this isn’t an area that many visitors go to, keeping the laundry in good condition makes getting the washing and ironing done faster and easier, giving you more time to do the things you enjoy.

Balcony Tidy Up

Clean up the balcony so you can relax.

We also clean your balcony, keeping it free from dirt and grime. This breezy, open space is a wonderful spot to wind down in after a long day, have a bbq and a catch up with friends and family, and enjoy the view, or is simply a handy space to hang up your washing.

  • Sweep and mop

Keeping the balcony fresh while cleaning the rest of the house means less dirt can be tracked inside, and helps the whole house stay clean for longer.

Advantages of Hiring House Cleaning Brisbane Specialists

There are many benefits to having your house professionally cleaned instead of doing it yourself. From saving time and effort yourself to being assured the level of hygiene in your house is at a high standard, here are just a few benefits of using Total Bond Clean.

  • A regularly cleaned home means you can come home and unwind in peace with any distractions.
  • You will have more free time to spend doing the things which really matter to you. Life is too short to spend all your spare time cleaning.
  • If you suffer from physical impairments, disabilities, or have recently suffered an injury which prevents you from sprucing up your home yourself then our professional house cleaning team is the perfect solution.
  • Bathroom Cleaning Brisbane ServiceOur specialist cleaning services are carried out by experienced professionals who have the know-how and industry-grade cleaning products to get the job done correctly, safely and thoroughly
  • By hiring the Brisbane bond cleaning experts when moving home you can rest assured the hassle of moving is lessened and your bond will be returned in full.
  • Our cleaning products are industrial-grade, OH & S certified for home use so you know your house will be pristinely cleaned by people who know exactly what they are doing.

Total Bond clean have the experience and expertise to make a difference to your whole home. Feel free to contact us today, fill out an online quote or call 0450 033 507 for more information.

    We are using the service for about 4 months now. The service continues to be friendly and prompt. Great job and attention to detail with each individual property.
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  • Professional domestic cleaning services at competitive prices. Ask our friendly team how they can help!

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  • Professional domestic cleaning services at competitive prices. Ask our friendly team how they can help!

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  • Professional domestic cleaning services at competitive prices. Ask our friendly team how they can help!

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