Domestic House Cleaning Brisbane

Keep your house clean without spending all day to do it!

clean handbasinDo you find yourself spending most of your free time doing house cleaning? Do you wish you had more time to spend with your friends and family?
Does your house cleaning seem like a burden that never ends?

Get a little magic in your day by coming home to a house that is fresh clean and hygienic, without having to spend the time to do it yourself.

Whether you want a weekly, fortnightly or monthly service, having regular cleaners attend to your home means you can spend more time doing things that you enjoy, rather than simply maintaining, you can also get a thorough deep clean done, including carpets, steam cleaning, ovens, kitchen clean, bathtubs, shower and basins.

Using Total Bond Clean house cleaning services for Brisbane and the surrounding suburbs means you can have more free time every week and have the chance to get your house in order more easily.

Buying a house cleaning service is buying you time, it’s an investment in you and those you love. Experts in professional cleaning services for Brisbane and surrounding suburbs, Total Bond Clean have the experience to make your house look and feel fantastic.

We work often with landlords and real estate agents, so understand the requirements for high quality, detailed cleans that thoroughly detail every nook and cranny of your home.

How the House Cleaning Brisbane Service Works

clean ovenWe meet with you prior to starting to confirm what exactly you want achieved in the clean. We discuss with you how much time you would want us on site, what your expectations are and what your budget is, as well as how often you would like the cleaning service done.

After discussion about the most effective and efficient way to clean your home, we will advise you on what the best services for you, as well as the frequency of the house cleaning service. We will arrange what equipment will be right for your requirements and provide you with realistic solutions and timeframes. We bring everything with us to make your house sparkle!

What services best suit your needs may vary from clean to clean, depending on the frequency you choose, here are just some of the cleaning services we are able to provide:

General Cleaning Services

  • Deep vacuuming of carpet areas
  • Steam cleaning of carpet areas and upholstery
  • Vacuum and cleaning of hard floors (tiles and wood)
  • General dusting and wiping of surfaces – disinfecting wet areas and counters
  • Emptying of rubbish bins

Kitchen Detailed Clean

  • Oven, stove and range hood fully cleaned and de-greased
  • Inside microwave cleaned
  • Bench tops wiped
  • Cupboards cleaned internally and externally
  • Sink, taps and splash back cleaned
  • Dishwasher cleaned internally and externally
  • Floor mopped

Bathroom Full Clean

  • Shower cleaned, including screen and tiles
  • Bath cleaned and rinsed
  • Mirror and Splashback cleaned
  • Vanity, basin and taps
  • Exhaust fans cleaned
  • Floors mopped
  • Clean and disinfect toilets

And more! We can clean every part of your house, removing cobwebs, cleaning surfaces, dusting, sweeping, mopping and vacuuming so you come to a home that looks and feels fresh.

Full House Clean or Partial Clean

While the time to perform a complete house clean will vary according to the size and condition of the home, our efficient and trustworthy cleaning staff will always strive to clean the home as quickly as possible while attending to the details. You can view more details and a full list of our Brisbane house cleaning services.

If you do not require a full cleaning of your property, Total Bond Clean can also arrange to do a partial clean at an hourly rate, we will work with you to ensure the cleaning that is done suits your needs, your budget and in the timeframes you require. Give us a call on 0450 033 507 or use our online contact form to discuss your specific requirements, or for an obligation free quote or consultation.

For detailed and professional cleaning services in Brisbane, Total Bond Clean are the experts. While budget house cleaners may seem to save you money, they cannot offer the same level of service as an experienced, quality company can offer. You can trust us to ensure your house is cleaned to a high standard.

Cleaning Other Brisbane Properties

We have experience in other properties as well and are capable of cleaning your unit, apartment, townhouse, or office. Having the work done by a professional cleaner means you can get on with other important things that need your attention. All our products re environmentally friendly and 100% safe for children and animals, so you have no concerns while the clean is being done.

Our services are available 7 days a week so we can do the cleaning at a time that best suits you. We can arrange times to do your clean whether you are at the house or not, and if you are home we will work in a discreet manner while doing the cleaning, so you can hardly tell we are there. Feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements and work out options that will suit you.

Bond Cleaning Brisbane Service

Total Bond Clean are also experts in bond cleaning, exit cleaning or end of lease cleaning. We are able to bring the property to a standard that will ensure the bond is returned to you in full, saving you concern at a busy and often stressful time. Combining regular cleaning services while you live at the house, with an end of lease clean means you have the pleasure of a clean home while you live in it and an easier relocation when it time to move on. See here if you would like to find out more about our end of lease cleaning.

Carpet Cleaning Service

We have the capacity to do a thorough deep carpet clean and can provide steam cleaning of carpet and upholstery at an additional cost. Get rid of excess dirt, pet hair and bugs in your home by tending to your carpets on a regular basis and keep the whole house and your family healthy and hygienic. You can find out more about our carpet cleaning service here.

Brisbane House Cleaning Service

Total Bond Clean have the capacity to clean and freshen your entire home, bringing about a level of cleanliness that makes everyone in your home happy. You gain back more time to spend with your family, your house has a high level of hygiene, and your family are free from dust and allergens. Contact us through our online form or call us on 0450 033 507 today to organise your house cleaning service and buy back time.

    We are using the service for about 4 months now. The service continues to be friendly and prompt. Great job and attention to detail with each individual property.
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  • Professional domestic cleaning services at competitive prices. Ask our friendly team how they can help!

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  • Professional domestic cleaning services at competitive prices. Ask our friendly team how they can help!

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  • Professional domestic cleaning services at competitive prices. Ask our friendly team how they can help!

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