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When you’re moving into a new home, the last thing you want to have to worry about on top of everything else is the end of lease clean. It is also traditionally known as the Bond Clean or Exit Clean, and it is required by landlords, real estate agents and property managers that you leave the property in an exceptionally good and clean condition, allowing for reasonable wear and tear, in order to pass the inspection process and get your security bond back. It is usually done after you have removed all your household furniture and items, to allow easy access and a prompt service.

Cleaning kitchenOn top of the mountains of things you need to organise when moving into a new place, this can be an added stress to a busy time. That’s where hiring a professional service like Total Bond Clean can help make your move as smooth and hassle-free.

Hiring a group of cleaners you can trust to take care of everything in your former home, leaves you free to set your sights on moving into your new one without being dragged back to the old one to clean up hoping to get your bond returned. Use the experts who do bond cleaning on a regular basis and be assured your bond will be returned.

We travel throughout Brisbane to clean homes after you have moved out, and can schedule a clean to best suit your needs and your timeframes. If you have not used a cleaning service before and have any questions, just ask the friendly team when you get in touch. Our aim is to help you get your bond returned, and we have years of experience making this happen.  

Get Your Bond Back

Total Bond Clean are the experts in professional cleaning services for the greater Brisbane metro and surrounding suburbs, and we specialise particularly in End of Lease Cleaning. If you want to get your bond back but don’t have the time or the energy to clean every nook and cranny of your home, we can clean your property to the high standard required.

We fully understand the requirements of End of Lease Cleanings and we know exactly what agents and landlords are looking for, you can trust our professional and experienced cleaners to work to these standards each and every time, ensuring you get your bond returned in full, guaranteed.

Expert Bond Cleaning Services

When you want one of the most thorough and professional cleaning services in Brisbane, look no further than Total Bond Clean. While budget bond cleaners may look enticing, they cannot offer the standard and quality that we can as an expert and guaranteed cleaning company. We have the best tools and equipment and are experienced with cleaning all types of properties, whether it’s a house, apartment, unit, office, or something else entirely.

No job is too big or too small. We provide all our own environmentally friendly cleaning products that are 100% safe for children and pets, and our services are available 7 days a week so we can work around when it is most convenient for you. You don’t even have to be personally present at the arranged time of cleaning, we can coordinate with you a method for the cleaner to have access to your premises beforehand.

For Landlords and Property Managers
As a landlord or property manager you may also benefit from these services prior to leasing out a property. Making the property look as clean and presentable as possible significantly improves the chances of finding a tenant, and establishing this high standard at the beginning will encourage the tenant to continue to keep the property in that condition throughout the tenancy.

As a property owner, using our Bond Cleaning Brisbane service will save you money and effort in the long run. Consider the cleaning service an investment in the property value, as regular service and upkeep will keep the property in better condition for longer, meaning lower maintenance costs.

Bond Cleaning Brisbane

Bond Cleaning, or End of Lease Cleaning is commonly organised to be done before your lease ends but soon after you move all your furniture and belongings out of the premises so that the home is unfurnished and empty and there is nothing for the cleaner to have to manoeuvre around. This will also ensure a quicker and more thorough cleaning job. We are also able to clean furnished houses to the same high standard, but it is likely to take a little longer and may incur higher costs to clean.

While the time to perform a complete End of Lease Clean will vary according to the size and condition of the home, our efficient and trustworthy cleaning staff will always strive to clean the home as quickly as possible. If you have any questions or concerns about getting your property professionally cleaned just give us a call and we will be happy to help you in any way we can.

Brisbane Bond Cleaning Services

Our Bond Cleaning or End of Lease Cleaning services include a completing full clean of the property, or a partial clean if that is all that is required, after you have vacated. We are happy to tailor a cleaning service to your needs and can provide extra optional cleaning services, such as steam cleaning carpet areas and any built in upholstery or even rubbish removal, at an additional cost.

Feel free to call us on 0450 033 507 to discuss any specific requirements you may have, from the time of the clean through to any areas that may require extra attention. Our cleaners are experienced professionals and have the knowledge and ability to being the property up to the required high standard for a return of your bond.

Our Brisbane Bond Cleaning Checklist:

When when come to clean your home so you can get your bond back, we do a thorough detailed service of all the main areas and bring it up to a professional high standard. If there are any areas that need extra attention, simply let us know so we can make sure we allow the time required to meet the requirements for you to receive your bond quickly and easily.

Our focus areas for the Bond cleaning service include these listed below:

General Internal Clean

Ensuring your house has a great first impression when viewed, we clean all surfaces and make sure they are presented well. We clean the floors, spot clean as required, remove cobwebs and make the house fresh.

  • Windows cleaned internally and externally, including window tracks and screens
  • Blinds dusted
  • Power points, switches and light fittings cleaned
  • Stairs, wardrobe shelves, drawers and mirrors cleaned
  • Ceiling fans and cornices dusted
  • Walls and doors spot cleaned or washed
  • Hard floors mopped
  • Cobwebs removed internally
  • Garage swept and cobwebs removed

Kitchen Clean

Taking care of the build up that usually occours through general use, the team at Total Bond Clean clean all surfaces in the kitchen, as well as cleaning out the stove, oven, pantry and all the cupboards. We pay attention to the flooring, using the products that are best suited to the surface so that it is hygienic and tidy.

  • Oven, stove and range hood fully cleaned and de-greased
  • Bench tops wiped
  • Cupboards cleaned internally and externally
  • Sink, taps and splash back cleaned
  • Dishwasher cleaned internally and externally
  • Floor mopped

Bathroom Cleaning

By giving the tap ware a sparkle and thoroughly cleaning the bath, shower and toilet, along with mirrors and tiles, the bathroom will pass the inspection.

  • Shower cleaned, including screen and tiles
  • Bath cleaned and rinsed
  • Toilet bleached inside and out
  • Mirror, vanity, basin and taps cleaned
  • Exhaust fans cleaned
  • Floors mopped


While you may not think that the laundry needs a clean, having the tiles clean and mopped and giving the cupboards the once over helps the whole property feel fresh, and helps to ensure the return of your bond.

  • Basin and taps cleaned
  • Cupboards cleaned internally and externally
  • Floor mopped


Paying attention to all the details, we also give the balcony a tidy up, so you don’t miss any opportunity to receive your bond back.

  • Swept and mopped
  • Cobwebs removed

Partial House Cleaning Option

If you do not require a full cleaning of the property you are vacating, Total Bond Clean can also arrange to do a partial clean at an hourly rate. Just give us a call on 0450 033 507 or use our online cleaning quote form to discuss your specific requirements, or for an obligation free quote or consultation.

If you are unsure of your exact dates, but have a time frame in mind, get in touch to discuss the availability of our bond cleaning service and we can confirm the booking when you call back with the exact date and time.

The capable crew at Total Bond Clean are happy to work with you, to meet your requirements as well as performing an expert exit clean, making your moving day simpler and easier for you.

    We are using the service for about 4 months now. The service continues to be friendly and prompt. Great job and attention to detail with each individual property.
    Hilda Johns
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  • Professional domestic cleaning services at competitive prices. Ask our friendly team how they can help!

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  • Professional domestic cleaning services at competitive prices. Ask our friendly team how they can help!

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