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Do you have pets in your home? Is there an allergy sufferer who is constantly sneezing? Do your carpets never quite seem clean enough even though you vacuum them regularly?

child on carpetIt’s amazing how much dirt, fur and pests gets trapped into our household carpets without us realising, that’s where having your carpet cleaned properly on a regular basis can make the big difference to the overall cleanliness of your entire home, as well as to the health of those who live there.

If you have an allergy or asthma sufferer, it’s even more important to ensure the cleanliness of your home so that it is dust and allergy free. Using our regular carpet cleaning Brisbane service is one of the most effective methods to reduce dust, bugs and allergens and make life more pleasant for everyone.

Clean carpets make a clean home

For any home with carpeted areas especially bedrooms where children love to play, it’s essential the carpet is kept clean and fresh. Most domestic vacuums only suck up what’s on the surface and the inner layer.

We will do a thorough clean of the carpets in your home including pre-treatments and spot cleaning where required, we are experienced in working with a range of carpet materials and fibres and are able to ensure the carpet is returned to a balanced state at the end of the clean.

Most bugs and pests love to live deep within the carpet and even beneath it. Dust mites also make themselves at home beneath the carpet and this can lead to skin rashes and allergies.

We are able to thoroughly deep clean and vacuum your carpets not only leaving them fresh but also clean and hygienic, safe for children to walk and lay on. For the best carpet cleaning Brisbane service, you can trust Total Bond Clean with your home and your family.

Regular carpet cleaning for freshness and hygiene

As we often have busy lives we can get too busy to keep the deeper cleans or spring cleaning up to date, and the house can end up with more residue and mess than usual… and of course if it’s in your carpets you won’t necessarily see the build-up of dust and dirt. Booking a regular carpet cleaning Brisbane service of your carpets means you will have the confidence that your home is clean and hygienic at all times. So when guests come to stay you have no concerns about their health or the hygiene of your home.

child on clean carpet

With general wear and tear of a usual household, it’s a good idea to get the carpets cleaned at least once a year, and for allergy sufferers or families with pets, you may choose to get it done twice a year or more often. Talk with our team of experts to discuss your requirements and make your house lovely all year round.

Carpet cleaning before ending your lease

When you move out of a property, leaving clean carpets goes a long way towards getting your full bond returned. With Total Bond Clean we can take care of this task quickly and easily, so you don’t have to stress or worry about how or when to get it done.

We will coordinate with you on the best time to get the work completed so it can be inspected by the estate agent at the earliest time possible, meaning you can receive your bond quickly! Time is of the essence when moving home, and you don’t want to be held up by possible changes in requirements, so hire experts who do the work regularly to ensure the work is up to the standard expected.

Total Bond Clean also are the experts at doing a full house clean at the end of your lease, including kitchens and bathrooms along with a general house clean. If you are moving into or out of Brisbane and need your bond back quickly, our end of lease cleaning service is perfect for you.

Hallways, walk in robes and hard to get places

With our expertise we have the ability to get to all the places that may not be attended to regularly, ensuring the whole house is thoroughly cleaned and dust free. After all you don’t want to walk dirt and grime from one of those areas straight onto your freshly cleaned carpet.

You may think that walk in robes don’t gather much dust, but they still are prone to dust, pet hairs and bugs coming in through gaps. If you have issues with mould or mildew in your cupboards, getting the carpets cleaned is vital to your house health to alleviate mould spores growing and causing allergic reactions. If you aren’t sure that we can reach all those awkward spaces in your home, or you have an unusual layout, be sure to talk to us about your requirements when you call.

wine spill on carpetCarpet cleaning before or after a party

When expecting guests, have your carpet cleaned prior to their arrival means a better feel to the house and a more pleasant event, if the worst were to happen during the party and your carpets have a spill on them, you can rest assured that getting them professionally cleaned will return them to a pristine condition, so you don’t need to worry about the state of the house but can relax and enjoy your event.

You may also want to consider having your home cleaned with a full or partial clean before the big day so you have less to take care of and can focus on making your guests feel welcome.

Quality carpet cleaning equipment

While you may think it’s easier and cheaper to try and do it yourself, you may find the equipment you hire not be able to do the job to the expected standard, meaning you will have to pay to get it done again, in order to be happy with the end result. If you are doing carpet cleaning as part of moving house you also run the risk of receiving less (or none) of your bond!

Our equipment is of a high industrial standard which allows us to get the job done quickly and efficiently without burning a hole in your wallet, so you have the work done promptly and easily, and don’t have to worry about a thing. We use ecofriendly products, to ensure that your home is safe to use, and there is no chance of harm to your pets or children in the house. You can rely on Total Bond Clean with your carpets and your home.

Use professional carpet cleaners and save time

By making use of a team who have expertise, you will find the carpet is cleaned is a faster time, with less hassle than your could do yourself. You have the pleasure of returning to a home that smells and feels cleaner, lifting a weight off your mind. Having a professional team come and do the hard work lets you get on with the other things that are important, spending time with your family and friends.

Carpet Cleaning BrisbaneThe team at Total Bond Clean have the expertise to ensure the process is done smoothly, on time and without any hassles to you and those in your home, we work discreetly and can arrange with you which rooms to be done in order to ensure the impact on you is minimal.

There was a recent storm and my carpet is wet!

Firstly, make sure everyone is safe and electrical equipment is not used in the affected area, if you need to do an insurance claim discuss the options with them about receipts and requirements to make sure services that are done to your home can be included in your claim and you don’t get left out of pocket.

By contacting Brisbane based Total Bond Clean we can come through and aid the reduction of damage to your floor and your home through removing the water from your carpets with our equipment.

Until we get there, you can take a few simple steps to reduce potential further damage and any danger:

  • If you have wooden furniture, place aluminium foil under the legs to avoid the furniture absorbing water, and the carpet getting stained.
  • Move all your electrical items out of the room to avoid steam and water affecting them further.
  • Ventilate your wet areas and open drawers and cabinets to allow them to air and dry.

The professional carpet cleaners

Total Bond Clean service all areas of Brisbane and have the experience and expertise to give you a thorough professional detailed carpet clean along with any other house cleaning requirements you may have. When you hire us to clean your carpet you are sure to get a level of hygiene that you can feel, and be able to breathe easy knowing that your house is in good order for everyone who lives there.

If you are after some information or pricing details, you can contact us for a FREE appraisal and quote, so we can make sure the information we supply is right for your home. Contact us today on  0450 033 507 to find out how we can help you!

    We are using the service for about 4 months now. The service continues to be friendly and prompt. Great job and attention to detail with each individual property.
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  • Professional domestic cleaning services at competitive prices. Ask our friendly team how they can help!

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  • Professional domestic cleaning services at competitive prices. Ask our friendly team how they can help!

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